Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Someone flipped!

So i don't know when it happened, but the midwife says the baby is head down! Yay!

And at 32 weeks, i now realize that we are getting so close to having a cute little one at home. I stop once in a while and just have to say it out loud, it seems surreal. I've been feeling very heavy! My back is killing me lately, most likely because I'm sleeping in a weird position. The Braxton Hicks contractions are happening more often. It's hard to describe the feeling but one thing is for sure, that belly gets rock hard! The baby's movements are turning more into rolls than kicks. I still get kicks once in a while but i see and feel a whole lot more belly shifting from one side to the next. It can get uncomfortable. And since the baby is now head down, my bladder has been turned into a punching bag!

The appointment with the midwife this past sunday was great! I got my gestational diabetes results and they were all great. The heartbeat was good at 142 and Aaron got to feel the baby's bum and head! The midwife thinks the baby's back is facing my left side, which would make sense since i mostly get kicks on my right side.

Also, ice cream... that is all!!!

Here's the 31 and 32 weeks picture:

Bunny wanted to be part of this one... not really, we made her be part of it but i'm sure she is happy about it now!

We now have a dresser and a book shelf for the room, which means we have all of our furniture. We decided to wait on getting that cart i liked so much. We'll get all the furniture set-up the way we like it and if we feel we need it, we'll go back for it. We got lucky, once again, at Ikea. We managed to find the dresser we wanted in the as-is section. We got 20$ off on it. It was completely fine, the packaging was too broken for them to sell it so they had to build it and sell it as-is. Great for us! We had to take it a bit apart in the store to get it home, but it was a breeze getting it built up again. Aaron is almost done with the bunny's new house so she will be moved soon. Crafting is coming along nicely as well. I finished making the mobile today!!! I'm keeping it a secret until the room is all ready.

It's our baby shower this weekend and we are getting super excited so see all of our friends and family... and i'm so excited for the food!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The countdown begins...

I can not believe I have 10 weeks left!

Next week I fall in the single digit week countdown and it seems like this pregnancy has gone by in a flash. People keep asking me if I'm sick of being pregnant yet or if it seems like I have been pregnant forever and honestly no! I love being pregnant and it's like I haven't seen the time go by. I am told it will feel like that but times ten when this baby is born, like time will just escape me and I will try to hold on to all the little moments before baby grows up!

So in the past two weeks I have kept on growing. Baby is making it harder and harder for me to sleep, that is probably the only real big issue I have been getting, alongside heartburn but I'm learning to deal with that. The sleeping issues are just unsolvable in my opinion.  Yes there are things I can do to ease it but honestly I wake up feeling tired and achy everyday. The issue is my hips. I sleep on my side since on the back is not recommended and at this stage is basically way to uncomfortable to even consider. Whenever I do sleep a little bit on my back baby kicks me like crazy, I think it's not comfortable in there either. So I sleep on my side, with my sh**y pregnancy pillow between my knees, try to tuck some more pillow under my belly for support and prop another one behind my back for more support. So basically Aaron couldn't even touch me if he tried! You can imagine when the time comes to turn from one side to the next, a lot of work is involved. So I usually wake up, get up and go to the washroom, get back to the bedroom, look at my sleeping arrangements, sigh deeply and try to navigate myself back into bed with some sort of organisation or comfort. Little success is achieved. At some point, probably around an hour into my slumber, I wake up in horrible hip pain. It could be either one, the one under me or the one on top, for no apparent reason. And then if I don't have hip pain until morning like today (thanks to Aaron for massaging my poor hips and butt last night) I wake up with back pain, which continues on into my work day, like today! So stretching, walking, massaging, you name it, it helps but only briefly. My next recourse is prenatal yoga, even thought I'm not a big fan of yoga and swimming. If only the city would keep it's damn pools open!

So before I scare you all away from ever getting pregnant in fear of never sleeping again, here is a little bit of fun, my 29 and 30 week pictures:

And yes these are my PJs... I think I have earned not having to get dressed for all my pictures. It was late and I forgot to take the picture ok!

Oh and before I forget, I "think" I have gotten my first few Braxton Hicks... but emphasis on the word think, I basically have no idea since I have no base to compare it to, but from descriptions I have gotten, seems likely. I mean, it's getting around to that time so.. yeah maybe!

So we bought the crib and crib mattress! It's not set up yet since we still need to relocate the bunny to the living room (which I hope to have done this weekend... this mama can't wait to nest any longer!). We also got the cushion for the rocking chair and go the chair moved to our place. We are currently waiting to install the cushion on the chair since we need to bring it to the fabric store to find matching fabric to recover the foot rest of the chair. We will also soon go back to Ikea to get the rest of the furniture. Since I am not able to have most big things set up in the baby's room, I have started crafting for the decorations. I am currently working on a mobile and three different wall hangings. Two of them are simply printing nice art that I found online and another is Pinterest inspired (of course). I'll keep it a surprise until I'm ready to unveil the final room.

Aside from baby things, we are still slowly, but surely, getting settled into our new place. We now have a dishwasher! Thanks to Aaron and his hard work! Picture me smiling from ear to ear!!! We are still looking for an appropriate desk for Aaron's computer. Our art has finally started to make it to the walls which makes it feel even more like home. I can't say for sure how many boxes we have left to unpack but they all contain stuff that will find a room once we have Aaron's computer situation figured out. Some things we will have to throw away. We have a plan to design the bunny's new hutch but are still looking around to see if we can find a nice piece of furniture at little cost that we could revamp. But bunny is definitely moving to the living room soon so we can start setting up the baby's room.