Thursday, September 26, 2013

No i didn't cry

Just a really quick update...

So since my other half came home for the weekend, I have been motivated again to do a lot of crafting and planning for the wedding.

We ended up going shopping for some frames we will use to decorate around our venue. I managed to get my craft on and actually ended up starting and finishing them pretty much in two evenings. We also had a chance to talk about some things that needed decisions to be made for.  This week I also created our save-the-date notices. I will be emailing those this weekend. I'm really happy with how they turned out. It only took one evening, but obviously my graphic design training came in handy. It gives me an idea also about just how long creating the invitations will be.

The major reason why I wanted to update is that tonight i found my dress. I went into the store not thinking I was going to be leaving with a gown, well technically they are holding it there for me until I am ready to pick it up for alterations. I was lucky enough to have a secret discount. When we went to the bridal show, I was given an envelope to open only upon my arrival at my appoinment. Turns out I got 200 bucks off a dress and some more goodies. They even gave me a gift, a cute pair of earrings. I felt a bit spoiled, which is great. My consultant was super sweet and very helpful. She pulled a dress, it was the 3rd one I tried one, so technically my 5th since starting shopping and jaws dropped. So yeah, i'm pretty excited for my man to see it! I love the way it looks and makes me feel. I guess that's number one!

Here's a picture:

... obviously I wasn't gonna put it on here, my other half could see it! 

They have a cute little sign at the shop for brides that find their dress, so I had to take a picture with it!

(that is such a weird pose... oh well)
Yep... I found it!

Update: So My other half now has weekends, not all but he can at least leave the base now. Also he was informed by one of the staff that he is doing great and that he just needs to keep up what he's doing and he will sail through basic. That's so good to hear. I did end up sending him letters. He had to do some pushups but not nearly as many as he should have because he apparently counted his push-ups in a way they like (go figure... he explained and I still don't understand). They asked who the sender was and apparently seemed surprise because he is anglophone, we live in a francophone town and I have a french name. I also ended up putting mad gabs on them but the staff didn't read them out loud. I guess they weren't that funny, but he enjoyed them.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So family gatherings are great except...

Except everyone kisses and then you get sick! Yup, we say hello by giving cheek kisses and everyone is merry until, the next day you curse everyone for getting sick. So basically someone was sick but felt it was okay to kiss and spread germs. I know they probably don't mean to be rude, but if you ever see me refuse to shake your hand or kiss greet you, it's because I care about you and don't want to spread my germs on to you... I guess I figured other people did this too... -_-

So here I am, home sick from work, I figured I might as well update this blog-thingy.

So yes I ended up going to a family wedding and getting a cold, but I also got something else while there... I got insight on what not and what to do at my own wedding. Although, I guess I didn't learn that much because I have been ferociously googling everything wedding related. I mainly realized that on each place setting you're supposed to put a marker so that the servers know what each guest is having for dinner, like a star or a circle or something. The second thing I learnt is that this marker thing does not work! Everyone at the table had played or moved their place card. So I don't know how efficient that really is.

That was Saturday. On Sunday, I had a great day with my mom, we went to the BRIDAL SHOW!!! We got so much free stuff!!! My bag is so heavy! Mainly I got a lot of reusable bags, I guess I have a ton for groceries now! It was great 'cause we got to speak with photographers and that was really helpful. I also saw a good friend of mine at one of the booths so I got to catch up with her (Hi Lynn!!). And then Randy Fenolli was there, he was actually really funny. He spoke a lot about his background and then showed us some really nice dresses and gave us tips to help us find THE dress. I realized that I need to speed up my planning because I am going about things a bit last minute. Not that it adds to my stress at all... -_-

I actually didn't get very good shots of the bridal show, I didn't bring my nice camera since I figured I would be carrying it around along with all the free stuff. So no pictures to post. :(

This week I was really lazy and didn't end up doing much for the wedding in terms of crafting. The Bridal show was my project, let's just say...

Update on the man in this blog:

Apparently he has been doing crazy good in training. (or so he says) He seems to enjoy it so that's a plus. He sent me a nice picture on saturday to cheer me up. He looks so great in his uniform, a little skinny tho. Sadly I am not allowed to post any pictures of him during basic training on the Internet. He told me I can help buff him up by sending him letters. When they receive letters they have to do 25 push-ups to be allowed to open them, its 50 I think for packages. The leaders also read out loud to the platoon whatever is written on the envelop. So I plan on sending out some letters and I'm looking to find something funny to write on the envelop, embarrass him just a little in front of his platoon! :)

Off to my tissues ... -_-

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding bells

So lately, as I look around, all I see is weddings, weddings, weddings. Of course there's my own wedding planning that is ongoing, but today I got to attend my brother in law and sister in law getting married at city hall (it was really cute) and saturday I am attending another family wedding. Of course I'll be observing and comparing with my own upcoming nuptials, who wouldn't!

The very next day, I am attending, with my mother, the Ottawa Bridal Show! I'm kinda really excited!! I have never been to one and I sure hope there is plenty of stuff to win!!

As far as planning goes, I have been mostly firming up ideas on attire, gifts and jewelry. I received a few things by mail, always exciting to receive a package full of cool wedding stuff. I have enlisted the help of my dad to create some seating and we started planning how we'll be making it all. I also got my mom to help with some table number ideas. On my end, I have been knitting and shopping. I wonder how it must look from the outside, all the little pieces without seeing the entire idea, I'm sure my different projects probably don't make much sense together right now but it'll will be great, I know it!

The one big things I need to get done really soon is confirming the venue and sending out our save the dates, I need help from my other half to find out all of his family's emails.

Lately I have been feeling stressed and worried about making it all in time, but thankfully last night I lost power for the entire evening. Now at first that sucked, but halfway through watching a movie on my laptop with my little bunny running around me, I realized I felt totally relaxed. It was a break that was much needed.

As for my other half, he has been updating me a bit less lately, seems like he is getting quite busy in basic training. He has received his uniform and is spending a great deal of time polishing his boots. Seems like every time I talk to him he's polishing boots. He also spent time putting his name on all of his items.  Good thing he knows how to sew. Seems like his troop has reduced in size with people leaving for various reasons, I guess it's not all fun and games ... :) I still haven't received a picture of him in his uniform... I'm really waiting for that one.