Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Someone flipped!

So i don't know when it happened, but the midwife says the baby is head down! Yay!

And at 32 weeks, i now realize that we are getting so close to having a cute little one at home. I stop once in a while and just have to say it out loud, it seems surreal. I've been feeling very heavy! My back is killing me lately, most likely because I'm sleeping in a weird position. The Braxton Hicks contractions are happening more often. It's hard to describe the feeling but one thing is for sure, that belly gets rock hard! The baby's movements are turning more into rolls than kicks. I still get kicks once in a while but i see and feel a whole lot more belly shifting from one side to the next. It can get uncomfortable. And since the baby is now head down, my bladder has been turned into a punching bag!

The appointment with the midwife this past sunday was great! I got my gestational diabetes results and they were all great. The heartbeat was good at 142 and Aaron got to feel the baby's bum and head! The midwife thinks the baby's back is facing my left side, which would make sense since i mostly get kicks on my right side.

Also, ice cream... that is all!!!

Here's the 31 and 32 weeks picture:

Bunny wanted to be part of this one... not really, we made her be part of it but i'm sure she is happy about it now!

We now have a dresser and a book shelf for the room, which means we have all of our furniture. We decided to wait on getting that cart i liked so much. We'll get all the furniture set-up the way we like it and if we feel we need it, we'll go back for it. We got lucky, once again, at Ikea. We managed to find the dresser we wanted in the as-is section. We got 20$ off on it. It was completely fine, the packaging was too broken for them to sell it so they had to build it and sell it as-is. Great for us! We had to take it a bit apart in the store to get it home, but it was a breeze getting it built up again. Aaron is almost done with the bunny's new house so she will be moved soon. Crafting is coming along nicely as well. I finished making the mobile today!!! I'm keeping it a secret until the room is all ready.

It's our baby shower this weekend and we are getting super excited so see all of our friends and family... and i'm so excited for the food!

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