Monday, March 2, 2015

Now just let me explain....

having a baby is hard work! There! All the explanation one should need as to why I have not updated this blog in well... Almost 4 months I think! I can't even take the time to go see when I last posted, this should give you an indication of just how little time I have on my hands!

First off, hi! It's been a while. How have you been? Us? Marvellous! I can't even begin to describe how much I love my life with my little guy. And big guy too. I love that I get to have "my boys"!

So I figured, if my phone doesn't crap out on me while I type this, I could try and update the blog from my phone while my little chub sleeps on me, because yes, he hardly ever naps any other way, no that I haven't tried! So here we are. Almost 4 months old, a curious, lively, sweet little boy inhabits my home, my heart and my head! He is doing great and so are we. We love and dote on him constantly! He is doing good on weight and lenght gain which reassures my breastfeeding mommy heart.

It's been a struggle to get to where we are in our nursing/breastfeeding relationship, and it's not perfect. I think I should take the time to do a separate post for breastfeeding and then another to tel the tale of this birth!

For now I'll just share with you how great he is and how wonderful he makes me feel even with the sleep deprevation. Miles loves to grab toys and ferociously swing them around, he's a major talker, he's loves to get his diaper changed, he's learning to love baths now that he can splash around, he's a little smile monster and he loves music, and even dances to mommy singing (which lets face it is not very good!). But most of all, he makes his momma smile, even cry sometimes she loves him so! Sometimes in his sleep I catch myself just looking at him, taking in the sweetness in the quiet of the room. I want to remember this forever! Time is already flying by, it feels like just yesterday I had a newborn and now he's on his way to sitting up and rolling over!! I can't believe it. It's not always rainbows, it gets though when he's crabby, tired or pulling on my nipples but I would not trade it for the world.

I've been taking pictures of him monthly to track his growth during this first year. Just like for my pregnancy, it will be nice to look back on these pictures when he's older. I have better quality shots on my computer, but as we have established, I'm updating from my phone so those will be used for now!

4 months is creeping up in 5 days! I just love looking at these and seeing just how much he's grown in so little time. 

Isn't he just the best?!! 

See you soon friends! 

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