Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello third trimester!

OMG! I can't believe it!

It seems like after I passed that first milestone of being able to tell everyone our great news, the time has just flown by. I am in my last stretch of this pregnancy and that means soon, like real soon, there will be three of us in our home (4 if you count Robear!). And that thought is crazy... and a bit scary.

I'll admit, I am a bit apprehensive. Not because I have doubts, no way! But I do have jitters. I've never even held a newborn before! I think all new moms get this feeling when the time to give birth approaches. So far I'm not worrying about the actual birth itself, it hasn't hit me yet, but it's what comes after that i'm worried about. Will I be able to do it all? Will I know what my baby needs?! I think a lot of it is also due to the fact that we have NOTHING prepared for baby at home. Because we had to move and ended up going on a trip, we postponed buying the things that we would need. We figured there was no point buying a bunch of furniture that we would end up having to move shortly thereafter. So now starts my mad dash to get my home all baby ready. I assure you I have had the urge to nest for quite some time already but I've had to refrain. The one thing I did do is make a nice long list of everything I need and all the furniture I want. So now I just have to go buy it all. Shopping spree!!!

I do have to put it off for just a little bit longer because we just moved and I need to finish emptying boxes and setting up the furniture we already have. And believe me, this move was not pain free! From problems with getting access to my parking spot because of workers on a nearby building, to misplacing our bed frame rails, we worked hard! Aaron did so much work, I'm so thankful, and to his brother for the muscles and his sister for helping us set stuff up! I have some great ideas for accessories here and there. I'll post pictures when it's mostly done. Check out this before and after of our living room! And there's still boxes in that picture. It's coming along nicely though. Don't you think?

The pictures are not that great but you can still see a big difference. And yes that is a reading/breastfeeding nook in the back there overlooking the outside. So excited!

The great things with this apartment, beside the fact that it's wayyyy nicer than the one we had before, is that we don't have to paint. The previous tenants put up some really nice soothing colours that go well with just about everything. It's a nice neutral canvas that we can accessorize and put our touch in. I'm so excited! Aaron does have to go and paint our old place to that boring old apartment beige that it was before we moved in but at least we don't have to live in the paint mess. Once we have the furniture we can start setting it all up. I hope to put a lot of personal touches in the nursery. I already have great plans for art work! Yay crafting! So here are some ideas that I have.

I want one of these two dressers from Ikea. We want to make it the changing table as well.

We are looking at one of these two cribs:

And as I mentioned in a previous post, we will use a Poang chair cushion to put on the glider that Aaron's mom has.

And finally we need a bit of storage so we will use the Ikea Kallax unit for shelving with it's accessories to punch in some colour. And we are debating the following cart. I love it and think the colour is fun. Aaron is not so sure. I think it could be nice as a table next to the chair for a lamp and accessories for breastfeeding.

Okay so now that I've said all that, I feel like I should update on my pregnancy. So 28 weeks, 3rd trimester. I feel so much movement! Well during the move I didn't feel that much because I was constantly running around, rocking baby to sleep most likely, but now that I get to settle down, whoa does baby move! A few weeks ago I thought baby was active, there is no comparing it now. It's gymnastics all day everyday in there! I actually had to rock my body back in forth in bed last week because baby was kicking me too much and I could not fall asleep; I figured I would try rocking to put baby to sleep. It kind of worked! But of course, whenever I try to video it or whenever I try to let someone feel it, baby stops kicking! I am sad to say that my swollen feet have not gone away. I get them on the daily now. Oh well, I guess it's just one of those things us preggos have to deal with. But by far the most annoying symptom I get, beside all day acid re-flux and heartburn, is my inability to sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night with he worst hip pain. It's my butt muscles that get strained. I tried wedging a pillow between my knees but it still does not help. I do stretches, those help a bit but I just need a full night sleep on my back or something to catch up on the fatigue. Still I would not trade it for the world!

So enough complaining, here's my bellay at 28 weeks pregnant! Oh and last week I forgot to upload my 27 weeks shot so here it is.

Oh and a little video... not the best but you can kind of see it!

- - - -

In other news, I don't know what is going on with our little furry friend Robear but she has developed this escape artist personality. Since we got back from our trip and she got back from her visit at grandma's place, she has been trying to escape her very roomy bunny proofed area. In the old apartment she had the entire  living room to run free in. Now that we have moved she is currently in the baby's room until we are set-up enough to bring her out in the living room. But for some reason she just can't stay there. She needs to come into the bedroom and investigate what is going on. She knows she is not allowed because as soon as she hears me get up she runs back to her bunny palace. This morning we had to move her to the kitchen because workers where coming to measure the bedroom windows, so we put her in her play pen in the kitchen, not more than 5 minutes in, she had escaped. This means we have to crack down on her big time! We will have to do some bunny play pen remodeling to make sure she is locked in properly at night. It's sad that she won't be free at night and maybe even during the day when we are away but at least she will be okay to run around when we are home. And my mat leave is coming up, I'll be there to let her run free all day everyday! That little rascal!

Oh and I am currently going through the process of getting my car ready for sale. Again if you know of someone who would like a nice little but roomy car that does not guzzle gas, let me know.

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