Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Showered with love!

Only 6 more weeks to go! Crazy I know!

So in the past two weeks a lot has happened. We have finally gotten ourselves into gear and started buying things and getting things going for the baby's room.

This past weekend Robear was moved to the living room to her new bunny condo. She seems quite happy with it and cleaning it up is a breeze. She spends a lot of time roaming around and so far has been a good bunny!

This has allowed us to set up the baby's room and I am so excited about it!  Last night Aaron and I set up the crib and the bookshelf and decide where each piece of furniture is going to go. It looks quite adorable! Now we have to set up the art work, find a few more items like a laundry pail, a garbage and a few accent pieces. We also need to arrange the closet so that the room is used efficiently. We have to wash all of the clothes and put away all the wonderful presents we got from our baby shower and the other items we bought. We still have a fair amount of items to buy, like all of our diapers but I am starting to feel more prepared!

Talking about the baby shower... it was a whole lot of fun! We got so many wonderful presents! Baby is so loved! Just for fun, yesterday after setting up the crib, I arranged the items we got in our baby shower and the items we bought with gift cards we received and it was overwhelming the amount of stuff that we got! I could not fit everything in the crib! Have a look! Oh and that's not all, with the gifts we also go the baby's car seat, which is already in the car and a few more things that did not make it into the pictures!

Look at this proud papa to be! 

So aside from presents, here is what is happening with the belly! Baby is still upside down and kicking my ribs like crazy! I'm feeling a lot of rolling around and sudden jabs and kicks; and a whole lot more hiccoughing. We had our final prenatal class, the birthing class and although questions were answered, I still don't feel prepared. I am finally starting to realize the reality of giving birth and yeah, that stuff is scary! Thankfully, we had an ultrasound to check where the placenta is and it is out of the way and great news, for all of you who thought I had a huge baby... baby is right in the appropriate percentile at around 5 pounds. Which means that so far, baby will be average weight since at this point baby gains about half a pound a week. In 6 weeks that would make baby around 8 pounds, I can live with that! Aaron got to be at the ultrasound and he was very happy about it. It was his first time attending the ultrasound and although we could not see much because baby is so squished in there, we did see a profile, big strong bones, the heart beating and we even saw baby breathing! How cool! Everything looked good!

Here is my belly at 33 and 34 weeks.

Our little house is coming together to greet this new member of our family. Just when we think we have thought of everything more things pop into mind, so even thought it's getting there, I still feel that we have a ways to go. But I'm not worried, I know baby will have everything he or she needs, Aaron and I... and Robear!

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