Monday, August 19, 2013

Keeping busy

So while my other half is away I have been trying to find ways to keep busy. Since we are planning a wedding, there is quite a lot for me to do, which is great!

I want to share in all of me wedding planning endeavors since we are trying to do an almost all handmade wedding at the lowest cost possible. It helps to be crafty that's for sure. Basically I am making my flowers, my decorations, my deserts, my favors... you name it! This is when my list making abilities come into play. 

Here is just one of the many lists I have for the wedding. I wish it was neater. I do love lists with a passion and an un-kept list just bothers me. So this list irks me ... I  know, I'm a bit crazy!

It is so un-organised...  I can't, I just can't. 

The good thing is that we both agree on everything about this wedding and we did manage to get a few things done before he left for training. 

In order to make some of the things on this list I searched the many blogs and Pinterest and was able to find a lot. I will be posting pictures of some of the few crafts I have started. I say started because they are mostly started or halfway only. I'm trying to not get annoyed with one craft by rotating them. I also have to thank the many people who have been on hunts for supplies with me. Having extra hands is definitely going to make this handmade wedding possible.

Here is what i am currently working on:

- table numbers
- table number holders
- paper flowers
- favors packaging
- and obviously hunting for more supplies, it's an ongoing process.

That's about it for now. I'll be posting pictures soon. 

Good news: My other half and I can actually talk while he is in basic! Yay! Turns out they changed policies and the recruits can use their cellphones during off hours!

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