Sunday, August 18, 2013

Setting sail ...

Well... he is off.

This won't be the first or the last time, but this departure is going to be one of the most significant ones for sure.

Last august my other half left for his career training. He was gone for a total of 11 months. He was 14 hours away by car and too far away for my heart. He had a few weeks off and some extra time back and forth between his place of training and home because of some bureaucratic "difficulties" on the part of an association that will remain un-named. But yesterday he left to accomplish the first major step in his military career. He packed his bags and left for St-Jean-sur-Richelieu for his basic military training.

I think I was and still am more stressed about it than he is, or maybe he is just really good at making me feel like he has it all under control.

Technically he has been enrolled in the military since last august when he left for his career training. We were basically told two days before he left that he was recruited and that the military would pay for his training. We were quite relieved. We learnt that last minute is how the military operates. Now this will be an adjustment for me, queen of planning months in advance. He is already a pro at dealing with last minute since he is a military brat himself. Though I am also a para-military child, I was fortunate enough to have never moved or dealt with such drastic changes as the military life has to offer. It is not all bad, not at all actually. Like I said, I have always lived here, in my home town. I have always been fascinated by traveling though. I have done some but not nearly enough for my liking and I am thoroughly looking forward to all the adventures that this new life has in store for me. Of course I am scared, but my dreams of exploration are grander than my fear of the unknown.

Documenting our journey will be for me a way to connect with family far away and close,  a way to reflect on some aspects of my life I have yet to share with you and a way to pass the time while my other half does push-ups! Or maybe I should be doing push-ups too! Well.. maybe later!

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