Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's harder than I thought...

That's what she said... no but seriously though, it really is more difficult than what I had anticipated.

For the last year, my other half has been away on training, 14 hours away! We did pretty good being on our own. I mean, yes of course we missed each other but we did good because we always talked, like always. Most of the time we talked everyday, some times we missed a day but we made it up the next day by spending even more time on the phone. We had a routine and it worked. We sorted things out with each other by email and texting throughout the day. It was difficult, but we made it.

Now that he is gone to basic training, he is way too busy to be able to spend time chit chatting with me. Yes I know.. I talk a lot, but I just wish I had more than 5 minutes to just say hi I'm still alive! With his day starting at 5 am and ending at 11 pm, filled with different tasks, I can understand that spending time on the phone is not priority numéro uno... but it's hard! On my end, I am bored and sometimes I just need to talk to him. I do a lot of outward stress relief, meaning (you guessed it) I NEED to talk about it to feel better.

We have been going through something kinda really hard lately and it is causing me a great deal of stress.  I am having a hard time not having him around to talk about it. I don't blame him one minute because ultimately, we chose this but it would make me feel so much better to have him around. I feel like I'm gonna deserve my own set of support dog tags at the end of this, just for making it through!

I am still trying to keep busy, but this kinda really though thing we have been going through is sort of on my mind 24/7... I guess I just gotta keep pushing through it. I have always viewed myself as an independent person, I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't carry along and learn to deal with it and make it better. I can do it.. I think.

But yes to keep busy I have continued with my crafting efforts for the wedding. This week I have accomplished a lot actually.

I have done 60 large flowers for my table decorations. And i am currently in the finishing touches for 50 favors boxes. I still have around 20 more large flowers and 10 more favor boxes to make. I have also taken the time to fix that awful list I posted about last time. It is now all clean, on my cpu.. it even has boxes to check! I'm in heaven!

Here is a look at the two major projects that should be complete in just a little bit.

(There are far more flowers than you would think on here!)

(These boxes were $1.25 each at Micheals. I got a free template online that I fixed up to my liking and printed on card stock, then cut, creased and folded. Nearly done, just need a few stamps here and there. Oh and yeah, ten more. The card stock was around $9 for 50, considering i'm making 60, i'm saving lots here! )

Still to make are more smaller flowers, invitations, place setting cards, signing books and much, much, much more! But I know I can handle it. My crafty is crazy, she makes me believe I can do so much, so I do!

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