Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding bells

So lately, as I look around, all I see is weddings, weddings, weddings. Of course there's my own wedding planning that is ongoing, but today I got to attend my brother in law and sister in law getting married at city hall (it was really cute) and saturday I am attending another family wedding. Of course I'll be observing and comparing with my own upcoming nuptials, who wouldn't!

The very next day, I am attending, with my mother, the Ottawa Bridal Show! I'm kinda really excited!! I have never been to one and I sure hope there is plenty of stuff to win!!

As far as planning goes, I have been mostly firming up ideas on attire, gifts and jewelry. I received a few things by mail, always exciting to receive a package full of cool wedding stuff. I have enlisted the help of my dad to create some seating and we started planning how we'll be making it all. I also got my mom to help with some table number ideas. On my end, I have been knitting and shopping. I wonder how it must look from the outside, all the little pieces without seeing the entire idea, I'm sure my different projects probably don't make much sense together right now but it'll will be great, I know it!

The one big things I need to get done really soon is confirming the venue and sending out our save the dates, I need help from my other half to find out all of his family's emails.

Lately I have been feeling stressed and worried about making it all in time, but thankfully last night I lost power for the entire evening. Now at first that sucked, but halfway through watching a movie on my laptop with my little bunny running around me, I realized I felt totally relaxed. It was a break that was much needed.

As for my other half, he has been updating me a bit less lately, seems like he is getting quite busy in basic training. He has received his uniform and is spending a great deal of time polishing his boots. Seems like every time I talk to him he's polishing boots. He also spent time putting his name on all of his items.  Good thing he knows how to sew. Seems like his troop has reduced in size with people leaving for various reasons, I guess it's not all fun and games ... :) I still haven't received a picture of him in his uniform... I'm really waiting for that one.

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