Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So family gatherings are great except...

Except everyone kisses and then you get sick! Yup, we say hello by giving cheek kisses and everyone is merry until, the next day you curse everyone for getting sick. So basically someone was sick but felt it was okay to kiss and spread germs. I know they probably don't mean to be rude, but if you ever see me refuse to shake your hand or kiss greet you, it's because I care about you and don't want to spread my germs on to you... I guess I figured other people did this too... -_-

So here I am, home sick from work, I figured I might as well update this blog-thingy.

So yes I ended up going to a family wedding and getting a cold, but I also got something else while there... I got insight on what not and what to do at my own wedding. Although, I guess I didn't learn that much because I have been ferociously googling everything wedding related. I mainly realized that on each place setting you're supposed to put a marker so that the servers know what each guest is having for dinner, like a star or a circle or something. The second thing I learnt is that this marker thing does not work! Everyone at the table had played or moved their place card. So I don't know how efficient that really is.

That was Saturday. On Sunday, I had a great day with my mom, we went to the BRIDAL SHOW!!! We got so much free stuff!!! My bag is so heavy! Mainly I got a lot of reusable bags, I guess I have a ton for groceries now! It was great 'cause we got to speak with photographers and that was really helpful. I also saw a good friend of mine at one of the booths so I got to catch up with her (Hi Lynn!!). And then Randy Fenolli was there, he was actually really funny. He spoke a lot about his background and then showed us some really nice dresses and gave us tips to help us find THE dress. I realized that I need to speed up my planning because I am going about things a bit last minute. Not that it adds to my stress at all... -_-

I actually didn't get very good shots of the bridal show, I didn't bring my nice camera since I figured I would be carrying it around along with all the free stuff. So no pictures to post. :(

This week I was really lazy and didn't end up doing much for the wedding in terms of crafting. The Bridal show was my project, let's just say...

Update on the man in this blog:

Apparently he has been doing crazy good in training. (or so he says) He seems to enjoy it so that's a plus. He sent me a nice picture on saturday to cheer me up. He looks so great in his uniform, a little skinny tho. Sadly I am not allowed to post any pictures of him during basic training on the Internet. He told me I can help buff him up by sending him letters. When they receive letters they have to do 25 push-ups to be allowed to open them, its 50 I think for packages. The leaders also read out loud to the platoon whatever is written on the envelop. So I plan on sending out some letters and I'm looking to find something funny to write on the envelop, embarrass him just a little in front of his platoon! :)

Off to my tissues ... -_-

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