Thursday, September 26, 2013

No i didn't cry

Just a really quick update...

So since my other half came home for the weekend, I have been motivated again to do a lot of crafting and planning for the wedding.

We ended up going shopping for some frames we will use to decorate around our venue. I managed to get my craft on and actually ended up starting and finishing them pretty much in two evenings. We also had a chance to talk about some things that needed decisions to be made for.  This week I also created our save-the-date notices. I will be emailing those this weekend. I'm really happy with how they turned out. It only took one evening, but obviously my graphic design training came in handy. It gives me an idea also about just how long creating the invitations will be.

The major reason why I wanted to update is that tonight i found my dress. I went into the store not thinking I was going to be leaving with a gown, well technically they are holding it there for me until I am ready to pick it up for alterations. I was lucky enough to have a secret discount. When we went to the bridal show, I was given an envelope to open only upon my arrival at my appoinment. Turns out I got 200 bucks off a dress and some more goodies. They even gave me a gift, a cute pair of earrings. I felt a bit spoiled, which is great. My consultant was super sweet and very helpful. She pulled a dress, it was the 3rd one I tried one, so technically my 5th since starting shopping and jaws dropped. So yeah, i'm pretty excited for my man to see it! I love the way it looks and makes me feel. I guess that's number one!

Here's a picture:

... obviously I wasn't gonna put it on here, my other half could see it! 

They have a cute little sign at the shop for brides that find their dress, so I had to take a picture with it!

(that is such a weird pose... oh well)
Yep... I found it!

Update: So My other half now has weekends, not all but he can at least leave the base now. Also he was informed by one of the staff that he is doing great and that he just needs to keep up what he's doing and he will sail through basic. That's so good to hear. I did end up sending him letters. He had to do some pushups but not nearly as many as he should have because he apparently counted his push-ups in a way they like (go figure... he explained and I still don't understand). They asked who the sender was and apparently seemed surprise because he is anglophone, we live in a francophone town and I have a french name. I also ended up putting mad gabs on them but the staff didn't read them out loud. I guess they weren't that funny, but he enjoyed them.  

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