Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Productive weekend

Well this was somewhat of a productive weekend... and we managed to not stuff our faces with turkey! Yay! We actually had Chinese food for thanksgiving.. it was absolutely delicious! Food aside, since Aaron got a long weekend, we managed to find the time to do some wedding stuff. I am actually quite pleased with what we ended up doing.

It was not #1 on my priority list but considering that winter is coming, it was probably a good idea to do this. What we ended up doing was our dessert stands. Since our theme is related to nature we wanted to incorporate nature into our decor. We ended up cutting up logs (or I should say Aaron did) and assembled them to make stands. We are very happy with the final product and I am especially glad we decided to do that this weekend. I did not want to be stuck with trying to cut logs by hand and I am not about to start handling a chainsaw. Also, considering that winter (and snow) is coming, we might have ended up with soggy logs had we waited too much longer. I am hoping that next weekend Aaron can start on the outdoor seating.

Top view
Side view

One more thing to check off my very long list.

I am also very pleased with my weekend since we managed to tentatively book our photographer. He has been recommended to me by a few people and I really do like his work. I got in touch with him a little while ago and he had sent me some sample albums to looks through. I was tempted to book him right away but wanted to explore all my options. When my mother and I went to the Bridal Show, I entered a contest to win a discount on a photo shoot and I did win $150, but through emailing the photographer we found out this weekend that she is actually booked for an other weeding on our date. We wanted to use her services to save a few bucks. I panicked a bit at first I wont lie, but I think it worked out for the best since I much prefer the work of the first photographer. I didn't think photographers would charge this much but having really good photos is very important to us. Shopping around, I found out that the photographer we want is on the lower price range for what he offers and the quality of his work, so I am very pleased. We just need to meet him and confirm, but he did say that he has put us in his agenda and is reserving the date! I feel like a weight has been lifted. This whole wedding thing is so stressful!! Thankfully, we also have a friend who is willing to take videos of our event. We are so happy he has agreed to do this for us. And it's all thanks to my amazing maid of honor and her awesome boyfriend! It is very fortunate for our budget friendly event!

Oh and here is a sneak  peak of our chosen wedding picture location. I just have to make sure there is no restrictions. How amazing would our pictures look if we did a few there? We want a few different locations but this one is just fantastic.

I can just imagine the light coming through the little windows in our pictures... I can't wait!

Update from Aaron: We had a great weekend but now he is back on the base. I believe this week he is doing in field training and he is really excited about it. I think he is welcoming the change of pace and not having to go through the same old stuff in the barracks, like inspection! Hopefully he gets next weekend off, we still have so much to do!! plus he said he would change my car's oil... oh men, aren't we glad we have 'em.

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