Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ripped arms

Very short update...

It is october 3rd and I just did my first day of Shaytober. Check it out on youtube. I got a good workout done and I am happy with myself. I got a nice surprise when I got home. I had a nice letter from Aaron, it was like a reward for my efforts. Now I gotta keep going! I want to get back in shape and then hopefully get my arms all ripped for the wedding. Maybe I need to start doing push-ups before I open my letters from him!

I managed to get more flowers done for the wedding this week. I finally sent out my Save-The-Date emails! I am so happy with them! I got them to look just the way I wanted them and they reflect some of the decorations we will have at the wedding, so everything goes together well! I can't wait! Things are coming along. We almost have our venue booked. The gown is purchased, only need alterations closer to the date and a few more big things to decide on. Hopefully I can relax a little bit after that.

I already received about half of my save-the-date notices back so I have a good idea of how many people will be attending.

Oh I also got my frames done. One is gonna be for place settings and the other are chalkboards to give a few indications to our guest about different aspects of the wedding. I just need to get my hand writing all nice to write those messages with chalk.

Update on Aaron: He is hopefully coming home tomorrow for the weekend. His car broke down which sucks but he can get a ride. We will probably be talking with my dad about making benches for our guest to sit on during the ceremony. My dad and I collected some palette wood recently for this project. Aaron will have to do that project. That's mostly his only project. Good thing it's a big one that I dont care to do very much. BTW Aaron just told me to write, like right now on the phone, that theres a bunch of idiots on his platoon! And I can vouch for that, every time I talk to him, I hear morons in the backgrounds screaming like morons basically!

Oh and Robear is being totally adorable lately! I just love her!

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