Tuesday, October 22, 2013


So in addition to having a blog, I have decided to start vlogging. I think the blog is a kind of open journal to keep family and friends updated on how we are doing and what is going on with our life as we go through changes. I think of the vlog more as a way to share fun times and keep video memories. You can find my YouTube channel through my Blogger profile. We have a few videos posted already and I am hopping to post more as we go. My hope is to be able to update this blog and the vlog at least weekly for now since Aaron is not yet home.  Once he gets home, hopefully we can make more fun vlogs. Go check out our funny videos and subscribe if you like them!

Here is a link to my YouTube channel in case you can,t find it on my profile:

Now back to business. This weekend, even though we didn't have a whole lot of time, Aaron and I went shopping for some wedding supplies. I know.. it's pretty much all I do on my weekends. We had a great day even with mother nature's wild ride, and ended up finding something we had been looking for forever! We couldn't wrap our brains around how we would make part of our favors. We were looking for fabrics and just could not find the exact right one, until... MIRACLE! Fabricville happened. We thought for sure they would not have it since it's an odd fabric. Cheese cloth anyone?? Go ahead and try to figure out what this will be for! We debated for about 20 minutes while the girl at the store looked as us funny, until mister mathematician man agreed that I was calculating the right amount needed. Oh nerds!

We also did a lot of back and forth between stores to find one single pen! One lousy pen! It had to be that exact one, otherwise the effect we are looking for just wouldn't be there. It is a chalk pen.. ouhh more clues! I wonder, by the time the weeding happens, will someone have guessed our decor?

That was pretty much our weekend. It went by so quickly! :(

But hey great news.. I don't think I mentioned this yet, but we have officially booked our venue!! Yay! It is kind of last minute, but who are we kidding here, I am doing everything last minute it seems. I Like to think I am proving a point; I can and will have a wallet-friendly and not-over-the-top, planned-as-I-go wedding!

Now that we have the venue and the dress, I feel like the last big step is confirming the photographer and that is almost done. Once that is set, the rest will be fine tuning. Choosing the meal, adjustments on the dress, decorations, orders, wedding party attire and .. hold on I have way more stuff to do! Oh well, better keep on going then. Thankfully, a lot of people said they would love to help. Thanks guys!

Now for an update on Aaron: I was wrong last week when I said he was going to be in the woods. That is actually happening right now, so I can't talk to him :(. Last week was a normal week I guess, the excitement was on Friday since they had to do tear gas training. He enjoyed it, go figure why, but apparently not everyone did... he had quite the funny stories to tell. Next weekend, when he comes home, we sadly won't do very much fun stuff or even wedding stuff as we have car stuff to do.. I hate car stuff it's the worst!

That's it for now I guess... go check out my YouTubesssss !

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