Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I have neglected you...

And I feel so bad about it! Blame it on the fall blues I say! 

So last time I talk to you guys was about a month ago. I really don't have a good excuse for myself but I do have a lot to share. 

So this past month I have confirmed our photographer! We met with him and we instantly felt super comfortable with him. It was like talking with an old friend! We have established with him the type of pictures we want and the location and he said it was all doable and also sounded excited to help us get the best pictures possible.

I ordered and received my shoes! I was so scared they were not going to fit. They fit perfectly and look amazing too. I ended up purchasing them from ModCloth and I am very happy with the service I got. I originally wanted to buy a half-size larger, just in case but by the time I decided to order they were sold out. Thankfully the size I usually wear did fit and the shoes were not made small. This is the first time I purchase shoes without trying them on first and I am so relieved they look good!

I also ended up purchasing a few more items such as jewellery and presents for our wedding party. We have those pretty much all figured out, we just need to go buy them and wrapped them up. 

As far as crafting goes, I did end up doing some. A lot of it, this past few days, has been for presents and not so much for the wedding itself. I am glad though to know that I will get some help from my grand mother who told me she would help with some of the outer wear for the wedding party, such as mitts. I am not much of a knitter and having someone who knows what they are doing really helps! Which reminds me.. I must call her... thanks internet! Oh and I ran into my aunt at Target (probably my new favourite store), who happens to be a hairdresser, a fabulous one at that, and she said she would help with my hair! So so so happy! Okay got a bit side tracked there... my dad is going to start working soon on our seating, now we just need to figure out how to transport the seats there. We almost decided to rent chairs but the quality and the price was just not worth it. So now that I have done a lot of crafting for gifts, I have to get back to decoration crafting. I still have some flowers to finish ... it's never ending.

Oh I almost forgot to mention! On November 10th we attended, with Aaron's mom and my amazing mom, the Vintage Show at the convention center here in Ottawa. There was so much cool stuff. We did end up buying a couple of nice things. but there were so many people, it was hard to really look at things, you were always being bumped into or had to look around someone. We really enjoyed it thought. My mom even bought me a nice clutch for the wedding... I guess it will be my something old (even thought I'm not much for those types of traditions)

Last basic training update from Aaron:
We made it!!! It is his last week. He is graduating on Thursday and I am so excited to go see him! He spent the last two weeks in the woods doing survival training, I assume. Or maybe they just roasted marshmallows.... He brought home his picture, he looks scary. He has his camouflage paint on and he is unrecognizable. Now we are a bit unsure as to what happens after this training is over. We know he has to go to Borden for a bit but hopefully something can be worked out so he comes home while he waits for his next training. He has been away for almost a year an a half and this lady is getting fed up!

I haven't really posted many videos as of late either but here's a link to my YouTube account anyways. I have some footage that I will be uploading soon, so subscribe (it's so easy) and you will get a notification once it is up. 

My Awesome Crazy Amazing YouTube Channel !!!

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