Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And a new one starts

The New Year starts and so does our hopes for this next year in our life. We have, as you know, a big wedding coming up but we also have other major life projects going on that we hope to see accomplished in 2014. We are working towards those goals. It’s not always easy, but we charge on. We hope that your new year is filled with new exciting adventures, what ever they may be!

- - - - - 

First order of the day, I forgot my phone at home! OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO! Okay calm down... things will be okay, the world is not going to stop, but I will miss some text messages, OMG It's the end of the world!

Okay... fit of panic over! See sometimes I freak out. I have a tendency to do that, I'm the first to admit it. Some days are worst than others. For example yesterday I had a bad ache in one of my legs. Upon further examination into my habits, I figured out it's because I stand like a dumbass.  But at the time, I thought the worst, like a bone disease or something. Does that make me a hypochondriac? ... yes, yes it does. But this freakoutness of mine does not end at medical stuff, I just about freak out over any weird thing depending on the day. Some days one thing will be the end of the world, and the next I couldn't care less. I think that's what you can anxiety. Or maybe that is simply called being a woman? I better check with my doctor.

This is somewhat how I feel about the wedding. I have freakouts here and there. Most days are fine and then on a day where I’m not doing any wedding stuff, just relaxing enjoying my freedom, I get a kick in the gut, an overwhelming feeling of doom, wedding doom! A feeling that tells me I will never have it all done. And you see, the thing is that I will have it all done. I know it because I have been on top of this wedding business for months now. Considering I have done everything so far on my own, with some help from Aaron, I know I can finish it off and it will be the best damn wedding you have ever been to! Still, sometimes I doubt myself. As always, I have my list and I check it just about everyday (except today because I left my phone at home!). It keeps me sane. Ah Ah the joys of wedded bliss!

So over the holidays we managed to go and taste the food we will be serving at the wedding. And you are in for a treat. We loved everything about it. They fed us so much! We went on a day where there was a big snow fall and because they were only expecting us and one more couple, they had not plowed the street very much. I got my car stuck in the snow, I cried!

We also started making some table runners for ... well the tables. We had help from a friend. 

I also printed out the menus. Oh I just love them! They turned out just like I wanted them. That’s when it pays off to have a bachelor in graphic design.

Aaron’s sister came over to try her dress on. I love it but those gowns are hard to figure out. Good thing she will have some practice with it for a few weeks. I still need to make appointments with the other girls to come over and try theirs on. And then of course, I have to go for my fitting.

So here’s what is on the “To Do” list:

- Gown fittings for myself and the bridesmaids
- Finish organizing my accessories
- Figure out hair and make-up
- Make bouquets and boutonnieres
- Making deserts
- Finalizing favors
- Finishing the tables runners and the aisle runner
- Finishing the seating (which my dad is making for us, yay!)
- Making our arch
- Printing out a bunch of different things
- Making a seating charts
- Organizing music and order of ceremony and reception

And of course all the other small details like, oh I don’t now… write my vows! But the best things is that I have no more flowers to make! (And the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!!)

Oh and surprise, surprise, Aaron took a project with him to Borden! Yay! I was waiting for that day! I get to leave it completely to him and not worry about it.

So about Aaron, he has returned to Borden. Sad face! It was very hard to let him go. We got to spend almost three weeks together and having him home felt great. So having to watch him leave again was just heartbreaking for me. I can’t believe it has been almost 17 months since he has lived at home for more than 3 weeks in a row. I never thought I would be in a long distance relationship and still manage to make it work. Of course we get to see each other now more often but there was a time that it was not so possible. We saw each other maybe once a month, sometimes less. So yeah … I guess I’m just bragging on about my relationship. 

But to get back to what I was trying to say, Aaron will start his next training on Monday the 13th. He still gets to come home on weekends, not like when he was in basic training. I believe it’s a 16 weeks training. Not long enough for me to move to Borden, but still too long to be far away from home. After that he has a 4 weeks training where he does not get to come home whatsoever. Oh the waiting! Everyone tells me this is just the beginning and that it gets better, but frankly, it does not make me feel better. Sorry. I know you are all trying to help. I just have to keep my eye on the prize. There’s a very good chance that we will get our posting orders when he is done his training, before he starts the 4 weeks one. I’m nervous but also excited! Also, we hope that his trainings are back to back so we can plan our honeymoon for just after and before we move to our posting.

I have dreams of Spain and Portugal!


In the next couple of days, if I get to it, there will be a video up on my channel, just a look into our freezing New Years Eve celebration.

Yay! It's a channel!

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