Thursday, May 22, 2014

Secret's out!

And it's a bit bittersweet. We were very excited to tell everyone about a big news, and so happy we did, but our little secret is not a little secret anymore. We did enjoy keeping it to ourselves for a little while. But now we're happy with all the love we are being given!

So one week has passed since I told you guys about this exciting news. I have my weekly update. My weeks turn on the monday so this is a bit late but monday was a day off so I enjoyed it instead of being on the internet.

I realized that although I told you guys how I came to be pregnant I didn't say how I found out.

Well basically, if you saw us at our wedding, you were also seeing baby because it turns out I was about 3 weeks pregnant. I found out 5 days after the wedding. After a few days of abnormally high temperatures for that part of my cycle, I woke up at 7 am, took my temperature, still high... okay pee on a stick time. I sat in my bathroom, in my PJS, my heart racing and the test facing away from me. Had my countdown going on my phone, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute.... I check it and burst into tears! I'm balling, the ugliest cry you have ever seen. There are two lines!!!!! I decide to take a more expensive test and a digital. Two pink lines and the word YES + shows up! I can't contain my joy!

Now, it's 7 ish am, I text my best friend (even thought I once got mad at her for texting me this early, F it! I know this is a sucky thing to do, but I have to tell someone!) It's 7:15, I start putting together the surprise announcement I had planned for Aaron in the event this might be our month. I get it all wrapped, bring it to work, mail it express post. And wait... He doesn't get it the next day, not the one after and I suddenly realize, the mailing system on base is probably delaying it's arrival! Darn! Friday night, I'm driving back from work, talking with Aaron on my headset and we are discussing posting and the justifications we have for wanting to stay here and I can no longer wait and I just announce it to him while driving. I start crying again... not good for driving. He is overjoyed!

Fast forward to our announcement to our families. We were going to film it but I think my mom would have killed me. I was expecting screams, we got a melt in tears reaction, tears of joy of course... and then she told everyone at the restaurant! We then told my dad and stepmom, they were so excited and my dad got a bit teary. We managed to tell our siblings who all live somewhere far away by phone or skype. Aaron's parents were also very excited. Some had already guessed the news but like I told Aaron, nobody knew before we told them, they only suspected. I hate videos where people are like "i knew it!!" because it's like no you didn't really know... and just let people have their little moment! lol

So 15 weeks! I have been blessed so far with mild nausea and only puking three times. I think smells is what has gotten to me more. Now that I am in the second trimester, the nausea has gone away, knock on wood, but I am always starving and I got my heartburn back; and smells remain pretty strong and gross to me. I have some pretty smelly neighbors ... I can't wait to move! My complexion is not as nice as it was in the beginning of this pregnancy. My skin had completely clear up... now I'm seeing those pesky pimples make a reappearance. It's for a very good cause though, so I don't complain too much, just enough to annoy Aaron, sometimes!

Here's my weekly update pictures:

Exciting news this week, we booked our honeymoon trip. It's not completely booked but the process is started. I am not going to share the dates we are going on here as I'd rather stay on the safe side and tell you after. But I can say that we are going to ... drum roll... Spain and France! Thanks to all the lovely gifts we got at the wedding, we can afford an amazing vacation, and what great pregnancy pictures those amazing views will make! And don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you, we are very appreciative of all your gifts, your thank you cards will be a little special too... you'll see!

In other fun news, Aaron and I went to Ikea to look for nursery furniture and as always we made a pit stop at the As Is section and found an amazing deal! We had been eyeing a couch for a while and a month ago we saw the display model in the As Is section and really considered it. Well since we had no room, we decide to wait. Well this time around, the couch was still there but there was now also the chair that match that we also wanted. Well Aaron asked for a better discount and we got both at 50% off. A pull out couch and a chair for a steal! They are lovely! A bit of a splurge but we ended up saving the price of a brand new couch! Plus now we have room for people to stay over when the baby comes... if anyone is interested! We just had to wash the fabric and they were as good as new. Thanks to my dad everything got moved around in lightning speed. I couldn't help Aaron lift it so my dad came to the rescue, thanks Papa! Here is the website model:


That's all for now folks... I'll see ya next week!

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