Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What an adventure!

SO sorry I didn't update you guys last week, so i'll do a double update this week. I was just too tired (too lazy really) last week to do very much.

So first up, i'm still feeling great, physically, i'll get to mentally in a bit. I feel like my belly is a bit bigger but it's still at the "i ate too many nachos" state. I weighed myself last week and I haven't gained any weight. In reality I have lost a bit since my first appointment in March, which the nurse and midwife both said was okay for me since I started out a bit overweight. As long as it's not because I am not eating or vomit too much, fortunately I am not! It's funny though because that's the first question everyone asks me when they call to get news or anything. I guess some women have it way worst for much longer. I consider myself fortunate.

I have developed constant heartburn though! I used to get heartburn periodically before getting pregnant and it seemed to have disappeared in the first trimester, but now it's back with a vengeance. I now carry Tums with me everywhere I go. I couldn't even tell you what foods cause it because it's basically everything. And things that used to give me heartburn, might not now. My acne seems to be a bit better, still not looking as fabulous as I did in the first trimester but it seems to be settling. My hair and nails are fantastic though!! So much so, I need a haircut badly now because it's growing like crazy!

So mentally speaking, I'm a bit of a wreck lately. I started getting worried about the baby at the very beginning of the pregnancy but suddenly last week it got really bad. I was trying to stay focused on the positive but I couldn't help but worry that something could go wrong. I mean you read these comments online and you might just end up thinking your baby will be born with pterodactyl wings because some lady said she dreamt about cats and her baby was really hairy when it was born and you are constantly dreaming about dinosaurs!! That's crazy scary! I kept asking Aaron to reassure me but he's away right now so that's hard. I started worrying a bit more I think because I keep reading about women starting to feel the baby at this point in their pregnancy and seeing photos of ladies with big bellies already. I have none of that. My belly is still small and I don't know that i'm really feeling much. Aaron had me convinced that what I was feeling was flutters from the baby, that lasted about two days until I just started thinking it was just gas!  He is most likely right but until I can say for sure "oh that's a kick" I don't think i'll believe it. So today I had to leave work because I started having an anxiety attack. I'm pretty prone to them because I worry about everything and anything anyway. That's just how I am. Some people seem to think it's funny but it's really nerve racking and it's like you just can't stop thinking about what is making you go crazy! So I started feeling like panicky and my heart was beating fast and I felt like vomiting. I couldn't shake the feeling so I just had to leave, I couldn't concentrate. All because my anxiety over the baby was just too high. I had to get a doppler. I did a quick stop at Babies R Us and they had one, a bit expensive for my taste, especially since Aaron and I had agreed to not spend our money on that, but it was well worth it. I'm happy to say I feel a hundred times better, I heard the baby's heartbeat at home, it's strong at around 147 bpm, as I calculated! Fiou! Now I can just rest from all this stress.

So now that all is good, here are the pictures from 16 weeks and 17 weeks.

I'm still stuck taking those pictures by myself because Aaron is still away, In fact he started is SQ last week and he is super busy. They take away his phone during the day, even if they didn't he would be way to busy to have time to text me or call me. It's funny because even though I am used to him being away by now, for this training session I feel very alone. It's like when he left for basic all over again. I think it's because I got so used to texting him throughout the day and talking to him after work when he was in Borden and then seeing him almost every weekend that now not talking to him as often has me really sad. I get all chocked up when he has to hang up! :( At least the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. We are almost there. In just a few weeks he graduates from his SQ, gets his graduation from is medic training and comes home! I was planning on going to his graduation but it seems like they might be changing details about it. It's probably gonna be all last minute and then i'll lose out on a great bus ticket deal! Thanks!

In other news, the trip planning is coming along. Gotta buy plane tickets, train tickets and book hotels, the tour is booked and confirmed! Let's hope the military doesn't cancel it out on us!  The move planning has started and the baby shower planning has started. So i'm in over my head basically! Yay! I am happy to say that there are great places for us to look at renting around our neighborhood, which we really like. Most have 3 bedrooms and are in our budget!!! Amazing! That means I don't have to give up some closet space for all of Aaron's military crap!!!

Well I think that's it for now. So much to do! I need a vacation from planning stuff, it's all I do lately!

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