Monday, June 23, 2014

Waiting ...

But while I wait for Aaron to know if he can come home to stay this week or not... 

I can celebrate my 20 WEEKS OF PREGNANCY!!!!!

I am officially, today, 20 weeks pregnant and it feels amazing! My little one is moving in there and I can feel baby throughout the day, it's not constant yet but it's coming! I don't feel like I have gained much weight, but I thinks it's coming. As baby starts to put on some fat, I think I will start noticing... as long as it's mostly baby and not me over indulging in cravings, I think we're good!

I don't have much to add, and normally under such circumstances I would wait to have two weeks to update you all, but it's a benchmark week, it's the halfway point! I can't believe I am already here. It seems like the past few weeks flew by. So the little amount of preparation I have done in those first 20 weeks really needs to double or triple in these coming 20 weeks, otherwise we will never be ready.

So here's what I look like, halfway in my pregnancy!

Oh I guess I do have a bit of a nursery update. I found a cushion for my chair that will work and have me do no work for it, except shopping at IKEA! (which I love, let's be honest!) We're going to use the cushion from the Poang chairs, which you can buy separately. We tried it and it works great! Those cushions are really not expensive and they have a nice soft white/cream color which will look great accented with a colorful pillow my grandma is making me.  Creative problem solving! Yay me! 

I have a few more updates but i'm waiting on official confirmation to talk about it, let's say it's about our trip and moving... i'll just say it's looking good.

Good stuff!

Oh and just for kicks, heres a progression of the preggo belly. Why not!

I can't wait to see the difference from week 4 to week 40...

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