Wednesday, October 29, 2014

38 weeks... still pregnant!

I guess I should not be surprise as this baby is my first but I am so done being pregnant.

I never thought I would say this but i'm so uncomfortable. I just want to sleep on my back and not be in pain all night long. Everyone says I should take the time I have left to catch up on sleep but sleeping is too painful. In the morning after Aaron is gone to work, I do manage to get a bit more sleep but it never lasts very long.

Baby has been having a lot of hiccoughs and it is super annoying because my entire belly will shake and i'll feel it in my hip bones. The heartburn is an all day event too! I have a routine of Gaviscon and Pepcid!

I have almost all together given up putting my own socks on because when I bend over it feels like i'm gonna pass out from the lack of air! Thank goodness Aaron is a good sport and helps me with clothes!

So this week is Halloween, this might be the first year in many years that I did not spend an incredible amount of time on crafting myself a costume... my costume this year is "Incredibly pregnant girl!" and I could not care less... I'm happy to sit here and do nothing, but hey, if you feel like bringing me some of your kids' candy I will not oppose!

So this week me got our Stroller!!! I'm so excited, I just got the call that it's in store and I hope Aaron got my text to go pick it up after work!!! Here's the stroller we chose.

And thank goodness for credit card point and gift cards. We managed to pay almost all of it with gift cards I ordered with my credit card point and gift cards we got from my coworkers! I was a splurge but we really fell in love with it.

So last week I was all about getting stuff done and ready for the baby's arrival. I scrubbed the house and got our bags ready. I made myself nursing tanks and did some reorganization. But this week, so far, I haven't done much. I don't feel very motivated because I'm just to lazy and the couch beckons me. I think it might also have to do with the fact that i'm just about done getting ready. I also never thought I would say this but at some point, you have to stop and just realize that there is only so much you can do! I mean I do have normal house chores to do... like the vacuum right now is screaming that it needs out, but again, laziness wins! And I need to sanitize my bottles, but I was told to wait a bit since that only lasts for a little bit and this baby is showing no signs of coming in the next few days. That might end up being a job for a helper!

My next big project is creating our thank you cards /birth announcement cards for everyone who attended the baby shower!

But not today... updating this blog is my project for today! So here's the 37 and 38 week picture updates!

Yes I know I look like i'm wearing the same thing but I swear the pants are the not the same and I totally did laundry in between the pictures... I just don't have too many shirts left that actually cover the entire bump! 

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