Friday, October 17, 2014

The final stretch... and i'm not talking about my belly!

I have finally reached 36 weeks, technically next week as of Monday I will be full term. And it could not come soon enough!

I've been trying to be all brave and like this pregnancy is a piece of cake, but pregnancy is no joke! I've been getting a lot of ''aren't you sick of it yet'' comments and i'm all like ''NO this is my precious baby growing inside my belly and I care for it and love it so I want it to stay in there to get as healthy as possible and blah blah blah'' Bleuh! Now i'm like ''Come out already!!!!!!!!!''

These past few weeks have been so hard on my body. Yes I want baby to be healthy and full grown and all, but as of Monday baby is good to go... i'm okay with that! The pain and pressure on my body is just so much to take. Between the constant heartburn/acid reflux, the back pain and the freaking butt pain, I don't know what to do with myself anymore. You would think sleeping would be my reprieve, but don't fool yourself, it's the worst! Laying down brings acid up my esophagus, laying on my back is a big no-no because it pulls on my belly muscles and laying on my sides causes butt muscles pain after about an hour, then I switch sides and it's the other side that hurts until both side are so sore that I have to get up or sleep sitting up which in turn gives me a sore neck upon waking.... hmm yeah! I'm complaining, i'm allowed! 

By far, everyone was right in saying that the second trimester is the best. Yes you kinda just look fat and people aren't sure if you are indeed pregnant, as opposed to now where I feel stared at EVERYWHERE I go, but you are so much more comfortable, no morning sickness and no all over body pain, just the joy of the first few kicks and the overall feeling of delight!  Oh second trimester, how i miss thee! But... I figure, i'm much closer to having my baby now than I am from the second trimester, so I just have to keep forging ahead! Baby will be here in no time, I try to tell myself! And I absolutely can not wait for that! Except.... now i'm starting to get scared shitless of actually giving birth! 

So enough of that, I bet you are all dying to know what I do with my time, right?!! Well this past two weeks we have managed to finish setting up the baby's room. The only remaining bit is making the crib skirt. I was debating making one, since now I will have time on my hands, because yes, I only have work until the 17th of October, I decided to take on this project. I don't want to start until i'm actually off work because, what else am I going to do right?! So I washed some clothes, still have more to wash because I keep buying more. We set up all the art in the room and it looks fantastic!! I also went and bought about 3/4 of our needed cloth diapers. They are so freaking cute!!! I then spent three evenings doing load after load of laundry to get them ready for baby! They are now stored and ready for use. We will be going to purchase the remainder this weekend. There was a sale last week that I just could not pass up but that was a whole lot of money, so we split the purchase into two trips. I also ordered a bunch of gift cards for Toys R Us with my points from my credit card. We will use those to offset the cost of our stroller, which I am uber excited to go buy, if those cards can just arrive already! 

Just look at those cute diapers!!! 

I was going to wait until the crib skirt was done to do a room reveal but I really want to post these pictures so i'll let you imagine there is one... and after looking at these pictures, i'm not hating the look without the skirt. We'll see.... So here is baby's room! I am soooo happy with how it turned out! It is not too masculine or feminine and so so cute! A lot of DIY went into making this room an I am so proud!

As you enter the room...

So without a skirt it still looks nice... and no bumpers to prevent SIDS and yes that Sleep Sheep is coming out of there for the same reason, but baby will sleep in the little bassinet in our room to begin with.

Our gliding chair with the Ikea cushion and the foot stool that Aaron so brilliantly recovered!
We had to flip it upside down, used like 5 medical books to weigh down the cushion and i sat on that pile to smooch everything down to make sure the fabric was all tight! 

More Ikea stuff obviously!

I made this little tassel garland.

I made this mobile too!

The elephant lamp has been my lamp since i was a child, so happy baby can enjoy it too!

My stuffed animals from my younger days that I get to pass on to my child! 

A large portion of  our diapers, all clean and ready to go!

Baby already has a closet full of clothes! and room to grow! 

So anyway, here's me at 35 and 36 weeks. Yes this is why I get stared at all the time. I'm huge!

So Aaron and I wanted some nice pictures of us during this pregnancy but we did not want to spend money on a professional shoot as we are already spending so much on baby gear and we want professional newborn shots.. which reminds me, I must contact the photographer!!! So instead we went off in Gatineau Park, camera in hand... half charged, not smart... and took a few shots. Yes just a few because the camera died. We still managed to get a few good ones... We really just wanted the two of us in at least one or two pictures, that's what we got.

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